Congress Committee

Welcome letter

It is increasingly evident the valorization of traditional products in today's society as important key to promote an integrated rural development. These traditional products, symbols of quality and tradition are a brand associated with their geographical origin and with national and community recognition. Its origin is known, means that they represent the area where they were produced, ensuring them a quality unmatched and unattainable by the range of products on the global market. The difference that labels these traditional products comes from their history; their craft production, their respect for these practices, the original raw materials, its unique sensory characteristics and ingredients, the control that exists at each stage of production, since the raw materials to the sale, transportation, storage. Those are symbols of centuries of history and tradition which gives them security, reliability and quality assurance.

Traditional products are produced by small producers that cannot always insure a regular supply, the promotion and valorization of these products could improve rural livelihoods.

This congress aims to bring together all the stakeholders in order to discuss and analyze strategies to improve typical local production, to increase the level of guarantee offered to the consumer in order to PROMOTE the consumption of traditional foods with quality and safety and, to define modern marketing channels based on product differentiation by quality level.

This Congress is being organized by the Agricultural School of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

We will be very pleased to welcome you to the Congress in Ponte de Lima next May 2012. Ponte de Lima is a wonderful old town, one of the oldest and well-preserved historical towns in Portugal, site of delicious gastronomy and excellent 'Vinho Verde' wine. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us and will have an exciting and profitable experience.

Alexandre Nuno de Vieira e Brito
Chairmen of the Organizing Committee of the Congress
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